1 - I didn't break the bank or have to mortgage my house to buy a Fuji x-100, or Leica M6 or something similar. I found this little gem second hand in great condition.

2 - It's so inconspicuous, I am photographing in peoples faces and they don't realise (great for candid, un-posed shots).

3 - In camera contrast control and very easy to find/change.

4 - Fixed 28mm wide angle is perfect for grabbing a lot of information and forces me to get in close to the subject.

5 - Low aperture. At 1.9, its a fast lens! Great depth of field and capacity for low light shooting.

6 - 64 iso gives great detail. Enough said.

7 - Suppressed whiteout. The censor takes another look at the over exposed white areas and expands the dynamic range by up to +1 EV. Less over exposure and more detail in the burned out areas.

8 - It fits in my pocket.

9 - It doesn't look professional, which really changes the way I work, look at and when people see me photographing, It doesn't scare them and keeps the scene candid.

10 - There is no viewfinder, so the camera is not blocking my peripheral view, so I can keep my eyes on the setting and ensuing situations happening around.

11 - Multi-pattern auto white balance. This little camera assesses multiple light sources to help even-out the white balance from other light temperatures. 

12 - Fast focusing response in low light conditions. 

 13 - Full Press Snap. With this quick-shot function, the AF operates when the shutter release button is pressed half way, but for a full-press, the photo is taken at the set focal distances of 1m, 2.5m, 5m and 8m. 

14 - Fast and easy change to macro mode for close up shots. 

15 - The pre-AF function allows the camera to focus and follow movement without the button to be half pressed. 

16 - It also comes with a dynamic range double-shot, where it brackets the image, capturing detail in underexposed and overexposed areas. There are more bracket options, but this is faster and easier. Less time wasted 

17 - 1st and 2nd curtain flash, to capture movement more efficiently and allows creativity. 

 18 - Suppressed ghosting. The coating on the lenses means that the small residual reflection striking the CCD is minimalised. 

19 - 10 megapixels are more than enough. More megapixels = more problems. 

 20 - All of the settings are easy and fast to change. More time to compose the images better