Coffee like an Egyptian- Budapest 2017.

The simplest photos are often the best. They are simple in their approach and in their result, there is nothing complicated to capture, no decisive moment - just things as they are.

This image I choose to show, because it is devoid of people. To me, it is a contrast. It is very clearly a coffee shop with seats outside, and the architecture is very much European and a little grandiose for a coffee shop (I have seen a Starbucks in the Forbidden City, Beijing) but the interesting thing is the sphinx. What is it doing in this European city? The scene is actually next to the Royal Opera House in Budapest, so the choice of statue is the contrast. It makes you think where is this actually taken. Why did they choose this particular object to represent the architecture and trend of the times. No idea, but it makes you think. The image is deeper than just a first glance, and this is one of the many things we can use to 'beef' up our images. Not every image needs people (the wikipedia page of street photography separates documentary photography and street photography as the latter having a scene devoid of people) although they help set the scene in certain circumstances. The reason I chose to keep this image bare of humans is that I feel it works better. People give the viewer clues of the location, and I didn't want to reinforce the middle eastern feel nor the European one, that is up to the viewer to think about it. Also, there is something interesting about a scene with no people. It doesn't give an idea of the time of day, it doesn't give a season (everything is busy in summer); it just keeps true to the contrast between the two cultures.

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