Distorted corner - Budapest 2017

These mirrors exist all over the VII district in downtown Budapest, as they help with blind corners. The whole district is a nightmarish one-way system that is unfathomable and nonnavigable.

I love the way the building i'm shooting is pretty straight, but the reflection of the opposite corner is distorted, through the mirror. Im using my Ricoh GRD III, which 28mm lens adds a considerable amount of distortion around the corners and edges of the frame, but this reflection pushes that. Also, the texture from the stickers and the lines circumnavigating around the mirror adds more to it, and frames the building reflection. The building infront of me is a leading line that pulls your eye towards the top, and the contrast of the buildings around the mirror pushes the interest at the reflection, which shows more detail of the buliding.

Photo tip: SHOOT UP. Don't shoot at eye level, remember to look up once in a while, especially if looking at architecture. ALSO, utilise natural frames just like this mirror, and show the area around it.